Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Jell-O "Drinks"

For me, most holidays and special occasions are all about the food. And I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply just to me.

Traditional food is always a great way to maintain memories of each holiday celebrated together, like turkey at Thanksgiving (Remember the year you made your first turkey? Burned it? Undercooked it?) and Christmas (the only holiday I take time to make sugar cookies and actually use cookie cutters to make fun's also one of the few times I don't mind that the kids cover my kitchen floor with sprinkles and candies).

One tradition in our house is to make the most of April Fool's Day. That's not saying I love the pranks my husband manages to pull on me every year. Two years ago he put a handful of salt in my Diet Dr Pepper. If you know me, you know no one messes with my soda. My "pranks", of course, are in the form of food. Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting, rolls with pureed green peas, salt, and butter to looks like frosted cookies, and mashed potatoes with dark gravy and a cherry tomato on top to look like an ice cream sundae. Things like that.

Last year I also made Jell-O "drinks". It's SOOO simple. Really. So easy I feel silly writing a recipe for it! The best part is watching unsuspecting children (and husbands!) try to use their straw to take a drink, like so...

Easy Jell-O "Drinks"
from Girls in Aprons

1 package Jell-O (I recommend orange, cherry, strawberry, or raspberry)
4 clear cups
4 straws

Prepare Jell-O according to package directions. Pour into individual clear cups. Place in fridge until set. Add a straw just before serving, tilting straw onto cup (not sticking straight up).

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