Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swedish Pancakes

I love my sleep. Getting up before 7am is a true test of my love for my children, although on days that they let me sleep until 8am or later I'm pretty sure I'm the happiest mom ever. My love (or obsession) with sleep started in my teen years when sleeping in was a big deal. Honestly, I think it started when my mom would peak her head in my room at 9am and remind me of all the chores and homework I had to do. Who wants to get up on a weekend for chores?? But my parents knew how to really get all the kids up in the morning.
Swedish pancakes.
We usually had pancakes with maple syrup, although sometimes my parents spoiled us with strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries with whipped cream. SO. GOOD. I loved watching my dad cook up Swedish pankcakes at the stove and throw them onto our plate like a Teppenyaki chef. I'm not saying I didn't wish I could crawl back in bed after eating more than my fair share of pancakes, but it's definately the best way to wake up on a weekend.
The ingredients are really basic, and I guarantee you have them in your kitchen - and if you don't, good heavens, go grocery shopping! All you need is milk, eggs, sugar, flour, and vanilla.
And here are the other stars of the show - the fillings. Syrup, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and vanilla pudding. Those last two are the leftovers from the cream puffs a few days ago. My husband loves using granulated sugar as a topping. Yes, just sugar. I won't judge, but ew.
The recipe is as a basic as the ingredients. Mix everything together except flour. Then add the flour and mix, mix, mix. You get a nice, thin batter.
Using a large skillet (or for those who have spoiled themselves with crepe pans, use those), butter it up, and cook away.
Place desired toppings down the middle and roll up.
Swedish Pancakes
from Kelli, courtesy of our amazing dad
Recipe makes about 8-10 crepes
1 cup milk
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup flour, not sifted
Mix all ingredients except flour in a large bowl using an electric mixer. Add flour and mix until well combined.
Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add enough butter to coat the skillet. When butter is melted and skillet is hot, add 1/4 to 1/3 cup batter to the pan, swirling the pan to cover the entire bottom. Once the edges start to appear golden brown and the underside is cooked, flip the pancake over with a spatula and let cook for a minute longer. Transfer to plate. Repeat all steps, including buttering the pan for each pancake, until all batter is used.
For filling, add desired filling down the center of the pancake and roll up. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if using, and serve warm.

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