Monday, August 15, 2011

Who Are We?

When out in public, we often get asked if we're, uh, twins? Except there's three of us. So that would make us triplets, much to the surprise of our mother when she was seven months pregnant!

We are sisters, friends, mothers, wives, and a little obsessed with our kitchens. Most of our conversations revolve around new recipes, cookbooks, which child is refusing which food (it changes daily), and the Food Network shows.

Carissa (far left) is married to Adam, a dentist. And yes, she carries floss in her purse. She has three children: Olivia, Jack, and Madelynn. Unfortunately, Carissa's husband doesn't like chocolate (gasp with me!) so she loves to find things to bake that are chocolate-free. Carissa is also a cooking blog stalker and finds some great recipes to try. Her favorite thing to cook is comfort food but would eat a cheesecake for dinner if she could.

Kelli (middle) is married to Jeremiah, an attorney. She has three children: Hayden, Roman, and Aubrey. She is a self-proclaimed Giada De Laurentiis freak fan and most of the things she makes come from her collection of Giada cookbooks or from Our Best Bites. Kelli admits to hating avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, and things that are too spicy (which is just about anything from "mild" on up). Kelli loves trying out new ingredients and her favorite thing to cook is Italian food although cookies and cupcakes are usually in the oven, too.

Celeste (far right) is married to Bryan, a contractor. She has four children: Rix, Bryce, Cole, and Jacob. Because she has a family of boys to feed, Celeste is our expert coupon- and bargain-shopper. Her boys are picky eaters so she is creative in the kitchen, finding things to make that everyone will eat (or at least limited complaining). Celeste looks forward to her monthly nacho nights with her husband and prefers salty over sweet, even though she bakes up a storm.

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